Christian Education: Chesterfield

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Friday 17th September 2021
Carlton Brass lead the 2019 'Whit Walks' for the first time.
Carlton Brass lead the 2019 'Whit Walks' for the first time.

Welcome to the Home Page of Christian Education: Chesterfield

Although the name has had several changes since our foundation in 1850 , we have never changed our central aim: to bring together children, young people and adults in order to help them learn about the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  That aim is enshrined in our constitution and is precious to us.

Christian Education: Chesterfield is an active body representing churches of nearly all denominations and with an active membership of around twenty churches. It is led by a President who serves for two years and an Executive Committee made up of representatives from our member churches.

There are five main strands to our work:

Bible Exploration

Aimed at children from 4-11, the  Bible Exploration helps children to learn and understand key Bible stories in a friendly and active way . It also encourages children from churches large and small to mix whatever denomination they belong to.


Training evenings are organised to support local churches by plugging gaps in their knowledge or experience and by introducing new methods of conveying the Word of God. Recent training has included:  Using ICT in Churches and how to manage small mixed age children;s groups and Sunday Schools.


CEC aim to provide information about resources for Christian education in churches. Our new resources page has been created to give ideas of what is available for Christian education and to enable our churches to share ideas and resources that have worked well.  The Resources team will work with the CEC Training Team so that learning resources can be linked to our Training Programme and provide what is needed in our churches. 

The Procession of Witness (The Whit Walks)

An annual Procession is held  in the town centre of Chesterfield which brings together more than thirty churches to present a Christian message  via tableaux, banners, music and people.

The Open Air Service

This is an annual event which seeks to help local churches to bring the Christian message to their community. The event has moved round different areas of Chesterfield for over ten years. Most recently Loundsley Green has been the venue for the event.