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BBC News: PC Andrew Harper: Killed officer 'died of multiple...
Saturday 17th August 2019
Carlton Brass lead the 2019 'Whit Walks' for the first time.
Carlton Brass lead the 2019 'Whit Walks' for the first time.
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BBC Front Page News

PC Andrew Harper: Killed officer 'died of multiple injuries'

Police are given more time to question 10 murder suspects as tributes are paid to PC Andrew Harper.

Peter Duncan: Murder charge over Newcastle stabbing

A 17-year-old boy is charged with murdering "devoted father" Peter Duncan in Newcastle.

Bangladesh fire: 15,000 homes destroyed in Dhaka slum

About 15,000 homes are destroyed in a shanty town in Dhaka - but no deaths have been reported.

Afghanistan: Bomb rips through wedding in Kabul

Many casualties are feared in the blast in the west of the Afghan capital.

Brexit: Tory MP Oliver Letwin rejects Corbyn as caretaker PM

But Oliver Letwin urges talks in the Commons to prevent the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal.

Roger Rabbit animator Richard Williams dies at 86

Richard Williams won two Oscars and a Bafta for his work as animation director on the 1988 hit film.

Man found dead in underpass after Istanbul floods

A homeless man was found in the Unkapani district, apparently drowned, after heavy rain caused extensive damage

El Paso shooting: Man shocked as hundreds attend wife's funeral

Antonio Basco asked members of the community to attend after his wife was killed in El Paso, Texas.

BBC news for Derbyshire

Whaley Bridge dam: Hundreds volunteer to fix grandfather's bridge

Businesses, firefighters and residents offer to help after Bryan Ross's garden bridge is washed away.

Cost of outside legal advice doubles at 42 councils

Campaigners fighting council cuts label the amount spent on outside law firms "ridiculous".

Aston Hall: Victims criticise government's compensation deal

Former child patients of Aston Hall were given sodium amytal, stripped and abused in the 1960s and 1970s.

Being a referee: 'I get a front row seat on the pitch'

As a female official takes charge of a Uefa men's game for the first time, why do people want to become refs?

MP Chris Williamson sues Labour for suspension over anti-Semitism

Chris Williamson calls the decision to re-impose his suspension "unconstitutional".

Derby takeaway worker fined after crayfish-catching sting

Zong He admitted illegally fishing but said the crayfish he landed in Derby were not to sell.

Whaley Bridge: What happened to Toddbrook Reservoir's fish?

Toddbrook Reservoir was dramatically emptied, so what impact did this have on its aquatic life?

Whaley Bridge dam: The people who saved a village

Those who helped stop the crisis reflect on the last seven days.

AskTen - Ten things you may not have noticed last week!

12 AUGUST 2019

As another week slips by, here are 10 things which caught my attention and may have escaped yours. This newsletter is sent to 50,000+ subscribers each Monday. Please share on social media and forward to your colleagues and friends so they can subscribe, learn and engage. I'd be very grateful if you did.

1.      How to engage your team. Showing respect enhances a leader’s influence and performance – and our latest study found that it’s the leadership behaviour with the biggest effect on employee engagement. Yet many leaders struggle to show respect to their employees. To become a more respectful leader, try these tips:[MORE]

2.      Consider the four-day work week. British employers are tinkering with a shortened work week, and they’re seeing some pleasant benefits. Some 77% of employees with a four-day work week report improved quality of life, and 64% of execs say productivity and work quality have improved in the process. Reduced work weeks could even help the planet with one fewer day of commuting and lunch breaks dialing down our footprint by close to 30%. BBC

3.      Hiring star players only gets you so far. It’s tempting to believe that the very best team efforts come from recruiting the very best talent. But our research suggests otherwise. Having talented people on your team helps, but that group members’ social sensitivity - the ability to identify and respond to social cues - is much more important. What else helps? Groups that encourage equal participation, rather than deferring to one or two dominant players. And one recipe for team failure? Encouraging members to compete with each other. [MORE]

4.      Those born in large cities enjoy greater earning power. Research tracking 7,500 British people over 18 years found that someone born in London in 1971 would earn 6.6% more than their Manchester counterpart and 9.3% more than a person born in Liverpool. What gives big city kids the upper hand? More educational options, perhaps. Having larger social networks also helps, and it may also have to do with the influence of big city parents, who are more likely to work in professional fields. BBC

5.      Queen is disappointed by UK's political class. The Queen has privately expressed disappointment over the current political class’s “inability to govern”. The monarch made the remark at a private event shortly after David Cameron’s resignation following the referendum, but an “impeccable royal source” said her disappointment and frustration had since grown. The Sunday Times

6.      The days of workers changing jobs once or twice over a lifetime are long gone. Instead, younger workers are voluntarily (and sometimes involuntarily) switching jobs (and even professions) every few years. Surviving in such a fast-paced, often precarious market takes strategies that differ significantly from previous generations. One way to succeed, is to create a side hustle that helps you build an alternative skillset and become more marketable to prospective employers. Bloomberg

7.      The truth behind our work lies. The less satisfied we are at work, the more likely we are to lie to others at the office. A survey, which included the perspectives of over 1,000 professionals, found that 41% of those who are “not at all satisfied” with their work tell at least one white lie a week.  Just 17% of the “extremely satisfied” lot do the same. The most common fibs? The kind that buy us time away from colleagues: “I’m not feeling well” and “I already have plans after work.” The Telegraph

8.      Army recruitment crisis leaves units 40% down. Britain is facing an army recruitment crisis, with frontline combat units operating as much as 40% below strength. There are more than 2,500 fewer personnel in frontline units than 2015, and all 16 regular regiments have shortfalls, according to data obtained under freedom of information laws. The Guardian

9.      Nice work if you can get it. Boris Johnson’s Cabinet reshuffle could end up costing over £260,000 in severance payments to ministers who either resigned or were sacked. Fourteen Cabinet ministers are entitled to £16,876 each, while three lower level ministers can claim £7,920 each, bringing the total to £260,024. Daily Mirror

10.  The bottom line. The birth rate in England and Wales has dropped to its lowest level since records began. There were 11.1 live births per 1,000 people last year – down 9.9% since 2012. Office for National Statistics

The latest BBC Video News clips

Organ donation: 'My hero, he gave me his liver'

Tom Wilson died after an accident during a hockey match, but his organs and tissues have saved more than 50 people.

'Calling yourself a female conductor is unusual'

The Welsh National Opera has appointed a new female conductor in residence to raise the profile of women in orchestral music.

PC death: Thames Valley Police officer killed in Berkshire

Aerial footage shows where an officer was killed while attending a reported burglary.

Philip and Caroline Welch are married but have never lived together

Philip lives in Somerset while Caroline lives in Bristol.

Bournemouth cookery class for young asylum seekers

Workshops are teaching young asylum seekers how to cook and improve their English skills.

Nuneaton man loses 14 stone after refusing surgery

Jason Anderson had high blood pressure and was offered a gastric band but refused.

British Firework Championships winner crowned

Five of the country's top firework companies competed at the championships in Plymouth.

A-levels: Students celebrate results

Thousands of students collect their A-level results as the proportion picking up top grades falls.