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BBC News: Essex lorry deaths: 39 bodies found in shipping...
Wednesday 23rd October 2019
Carlton Brass lead the 2019 'Whit Walks' for the first time.
Carlton Brass lead the 2019 'Whit Walks' for the first time.

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Turkish posters telling Muslims not to make friends with Christians and Jews removed

Authorities in the south west city of Konya have taken down posters advising Muslims not to befriend Christians, following complaints from the public.

Gideons UK in legal fight to keep name over women membership dispute

On Tuesday, a legal clash involving different branches of Gideons took place over the name and logo after the UK branch accepted women as members.

Christian charity highlights dangers of trafficking after 39 bodies found in lorry

Christian charity International Justice Mission has talked about the danger of human trafficking and slavery as there’s speculation that is what could have led to 39 people being found dead in a lorry in Essex.

Russian Christian challenges government fine over right to worship at home

A Christian woman has brought a landmark case to court in St Petersburg after challenging authorities for fining her 10,000 rubles (£122) after she hosted worship services for her protestant church in her home.

How a visit to Africa transformed Rick Warren's ministry

Rick Warren has talked about how visiting a rural South African church transformed his ministry.

Selena Gomez shares how God has helped her in her 'worst moments'

US singer Selena Gomez has told her fans about how she has leaned on God during tough times in her life.

Church of Scotland minister and wife in hospital after attack

A Church of Scotland minister and his wife are in a stable condition in hospital after an incident at woods in Moray in which another pensioner died.

Christian comedian John Crist lands Netflix special ‘I Ain’t Prayin for That’

US Christian comedian John Crist has announced his first stand-up special with Netflix.