Why become a member church ?

We hope that you will want to be a member church in order to join fully with other churches in  the exciting work in Christian education that we are privileged to be able to do in the town.

  • Member churches are invited to the training evenings and  events organised by CEC ( for an idea of what is on offer please look at the Events page on this website ).
  • Member churches have access to the latest information on resources for Christian Education. 
  • Member churches are invited to take part in The Procession of Witness annually  and an Open Air Service when churches request one.
  • Member churches have insurance cover for our Open Air events including The Procession of Witness (Whit Walk) on Spring Bank Holiday Monday.
  • Membership entitles each church to send representatives to the Annual General Meeting and nominate members of their church for the Executive Committee.Members of the Executive really get involved in a hands on way with our various activities in training, resources and open air events.
Subscriptions:  The current rate is £40 for a church.

If your church isn't a member and you would like to join or if you  have any questions about membership, please e-mail them to us on: cechesterfield@gmail.com or through the direct link on the  Contact Us page of this website.