2017 Open Air Service

There will be NO Open Air Service in 2020

As  result of the Coronavirus there will be no Open Air Services in 2020.

If  your church wishes to boost its activities and encourage growth please let us know ( see below for contact details ) so that we can work on the project with the church ready for the summer of 2021. 

Is your church interested in hosting an Open Air Service ?

Worship in the Open Air gives CEC the chance to support member churches who are keen to get involved in evangelism in their local neighbourhood.

Usually held in July, the Open Air Service moves around various locations in the town. It includes lively modern Christian music, interactive worship and a picnic afterwards with children’s games. 

If your church would like to host an Open Air Service, please e-mail: cechesterfield@gmail.com or use the direct link on the Contact Us page of this website,
or contact us through your church correspondent member or any member of the Executive Committee ( see Committee page on this website ).