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Welcome to our  Resources Page.

The idea of this page is that member churches of CE:C and others should share information about resources that they have found useful for worship and weekday activities with a variety of age groups. There is a tremendous amount of marvellous material out there and we hope that by sharing and publicising what is good we shall be able tio save each other time.

We hope that this will be a popular page. and that as time goes on it will be a valuable resource in itself.  See the current list at the bottom of this page.  We do depend on the input of churches to keep this up to date.If you have idea to  add just e-mail me at this address:

Let us know what you think of our resources page.

Best wishes,

Chris Sharrat ( Resources Secretary )


rand new  for Easter 2021 and aimed at younger children. 'All About Easter' Just available from the Bible Society website.

More information in due course. 


For teenagers and adults


The Bible Society produced this booklet for the Advent and Christmas period.

At first glance it looks like just another carol sheet but it is also a good way of getting the Christmas message across.

It is very well produced and includes amongst the carols ,Bible quotations and in the central pages an article called 'More to there baby in the manger...... ?'.

It is priced so that it can be used for Carol Services etc. and then the people using them can be encouraged to take them home to peruse and/or to pass them on to their neighbours and people in the local community.





ROOTS ON THE WEB - Resources for the weekly lectionary

Many of you will be familiar with the ROOTS publication with good material for all ages. 

The Jan - March edition just out is the 100th edition and to celebrate Roots has produced three competitions for children and teens/young adults with prizes attached for the best efforts + some stunning paintings by Nebiyu Assefa which could be used for the Stations of the Cross at Easter.  Worth a look.

Look for


The Bible Society have also produced a well illustrated booklet, written by Mark Wood, called 'Remembrance' to be used this year - the centenary of the ending of World War I. The booklet can either be used as a full act of worship and homage or selectively to fit in with the routines of individual churches. Full details on Bible Society's website

                  CHILDREN'S SOCIETY - CHRISTINGLE - 50

Believe it or not it is fifty years this coming Christmas since the first 'Christingle' Service was held in Lincoln Cathedral.

Since then of course such Services, raising funds to support The Children's Society in their good work, have proliferated all over the United Kingdom. A special booklet has been produced for this coming Advent and Christmas. It has some good ideas for Christingle Services and is worth a look. Full details on Children's Society website.



rand new  for Easter 2021 and aimed at younger children. 'All About Easter' Just available from the Bible Society website.

More information in due course. 



Recommended Websites:

Baker Ross:  Excellent art and craft resources for all religious festivals at reasonable prices. Some really good material for Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday and Easter art and craft now available on line.

Bible Society
:   If you haven't seen them, 'The Mystery of the New Noisy Neighbours' 'The Greatest Journey', 'The Super Cool Stories of Jesus', 'The Well Good News of Christmas'  and  'The Seriously Surprising Story of Easter' are well worth a look. They produce accompanying  DVDs linked to the booklets and other material which you can download free of charge.

Christian Aid:  ( aimed at children and young teens - comic format. The general Christian Aid site also has a wealth of resources for you to adapt to your own needs. )

Roots and Roots on the Web:  
( subscription necessary  - really good material for children, young people . Also for all age worship for which there are some excellent ideas -  plenty of material from which you need to pick and mix with your own requirements )

Scripture Union:  ( as with Roots, excellent material for children and young people. Scripture Uniopn 'Light' series goes from 3-14 - 'Bubbles' (3-5)' Splash' (6-8), 'X Stream' (8-11) and 'The Grid' 11-14 )

Children's Society:   ( Imaginative suggestions for running a Christingle Service and others )

Samaritan's Purse:   ( especially good on Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Campaign materials but other resources available for instance for the 'Turn on the Tap' appeal. )

Christian Education:   ( formerly our parent body: National Christian Education Council - some great books for young children in the Teddy Horsley series)

Hope:  ( Excellent ideas to stimulate 'Mission' in our churches. A recent publication - 'The Heartbeat of Mission' is crammed with suggestions and ideas for using Festivals to reach out to our communities - suitable for all types and sizes of church )

Resources available at other churches willing to share 

  • Rose Hill URC -  a library of children's books to look at and/or borrow
  • New Life church - Children's story bags
  • Church of the Annunciation - resources for a children's liturgy youth programme and computer programme
  • Central Methodist - 'Storytellers Bible' , Youth Bibles, Big Blue Planet Music Book, Songs of Fellowship, Mission Praise, Bible 'Do and Make (volumes 1,2,3), DVDs and CDs including 'Reg, the rock that rolled' (Good for Easter)
  • Gospel Mission: 'Celebrating Together - Exploring Holy Communion' (for use with Under 5s - 15/16 year olds) + many drama scripts for most occasions - please e-mail:
  • Paul King has a copy of ' Hasland and Harvey' for loan.

Local Bookshops within easy reach:

Cornerstone at Central Methodist Church - Open :  10.00am to 3.30pm except Wednesdays and Sundays. Has a good range of resources and very willing to order anything that they don't have in stock

Food for Thought - Clay Cross: Open Mon/Tues/Thurs Fri - 9.30 - 4.00pm ( cafe closes at 2.00pm ) Open Saturday 9.30am - 1.00pm
Contact: or website:

CLC Sheffield, West Street  Open 9.00am- 5.30pm Monday - Saturday
Contact or website:

Chris Sharratt, Resources Secretary, would like to hear from enyone in our churches who has found materials/ideas that work in effectively conveying the Bible with children or adults.

Please contact her via the website:  or get in touch directly.

CEC aim to make sure that our churches have easy access to the best Christian resources available.