Hasland Methodist chose a football theme for a year in which England would playing in The World Cup. Let's not go deeper into the result of the football but many went deeper into the words of Jesus Christ !
Look below and you will find a journey in photographs - a journey of 170+ years of witnessing to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour through Chesterfield's Procession of Witness still probably known best as 'Whit Walks'.

We hope you look forward to the next Procession of Witness (Spring Bank Holiday - Monday May 30th - 2022) . God willing, it will take place once again and we shall all be witnesses for the Lord. Next year will be its 172nd year.

Please try to be there.  


The Procession of Witness (popularly known as ‘The Whit Walks’)

In front of Chesterfield's majestic Town Hall, the churches, tableaux and bands gather for a rousing send off to witness for Christ around the town. Churches have arrived from all parts of Chesterfield and surrounds and The Mayor and Mayoress address the crowds from the steps of The Town Hall.

Jonah seems to be having a problem with a huge Holymoorside whale ! Holymoorside Congregational have once again produced an excellent tableau.


The Hasland Corps of Drums arrive in town having led the Brampton Procession down Chatsworth Road and up to the Town Hall. 

The Gospel Mission is on its way to town for the 2019 Procession. Christ commands us to love our neighbour and the gentleman with the lawn mower is certainly helping his neighbour. The grass looks just right !  

Members of The Salvation Army join The Procession once again. They await with their standard and standard bearer for the signal to be given for them to take up their place in The Procession and to witness for Christ around the town. 

Back in the early part of the twentieth century - probably the 1920s - the masses have gathered in the Marketplace as the 'Whit Walks' began. As you will see from the photo, The numbers of people who have come to watch have made it a struggle for those who are marching for Christ to find a way through the crowds.

The Millennium Procession consisted of over 1,500 people walking from 33 churches with 23 tableaux on a variety of vehicles and 5 marching bands. Despite an early morning downpour, the crowds stood up to five deep as the 'Whit Walks' took place around the town. An unforgettable day of witness for the Lord !

Derby Road Methodist illustrate one of the miracles of Jesus as the onlookers rejoice that the girl is 'alive and well'. 

Two members of St. Thomas's Church of England in Brampton await the signal to lift their banner high and lead the Brampton Procession down Chatsworth Rd. and into Chesterfield. A short service takes place at Chesterfield Town Hall before the full Procession moves around the town.

The year is 1926. The floats are ready to join in the 'Whit Walks' as they were then known ( and by many people still are !!). Here is the The Gospel Mission's Sunday School lorry and cart 

Brampton Congregational arrive in Chesterfield Market Place.
Please note the beautiful banner with the illustration of Christ The Good Shepherd. The date is not known exactly but looks to be in the 1950s. If anyone knows the exact year please don't hesitate to let us know. 

As mentioned above, Chesterfield's 'Whit Walks' celebrated its 150th anniversary at the Millennium. In the photo - taken just before the procession began - the crowds are standing five deep regardless of the rain. There were thousands more en route as the sunshine broke through, blue skies appeared and the bands struck up to make this a marvellous Procession of Witness. Thanks be to God.