The Procession of Witness is cancelled because of the Coronavirus that is causing such distress. 

 Next year's Procession - 170 + 1 is to take place on Spring Bank Holiday Monday, May 31st.  The theme is likely to stay the same: 'The Life of Christ' showing  key moments of the Lord Jesus from His birth to His cross and His resurrection. .

In the meantime, we ask you to pray for all those experiencing such a difficult time in the United Kingdom 












March Procession of Witness Newsletter......


 The origins of Chesterfield’s ‘Whit Walks’ go back as far as 1815 but it was to be another thirty five years before the flame suddenly ignited. At a gathering on Whit Monday 1850 five churches were involved and it followed that a union should be formed between five Sunday Schools: Wesleyan Methodist in Brampton, Primitive Methodist in Beetwell Street, The Independent Chapel in Soresby Street, South Place Independent Chapel and Calow Independent Chapel. By the end of the year a further nine Sunday Schools had joined The ‘Sunday School Union’ as it was to be called (now Christian Education:Chesterfield); amongst the churches were Rose Hill & Calow URC and Brimington Methodist who still walk with us today.


On Whit Monday 1851, the first fully organised Procession took place with those taking part finishing the walk in three nearby churches for afternoon services. Why three churches and not just one united service? No one church had enough room ! It is reported that 1,500 children and 235 teachers took part. The flame was alight and In the following year a procession route was established in which today’s routes has its origins. The flame is still alight and the torch is now passed to all ages to witness for Christ in our town. The date for 2021 is May 31st . For more information contact :



Procession News 2020


The Procession of Witness (popularly known as ‘The Whit Walks’)



The Brampton Procession sets off for town led by Storrs Rd. Methodist's tableau 'Sheep R us'.

The CE:C President meets The Mayor as the short service is about to begin before the Procession sets off. 

The Salvation Army join The Procession.

CE:C President leads the Act of Worship from The Town Hall steps. The Mayor and Mayoress look on.